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Automated cell counter - brightfield&fluorescent model

Code C100

Cell counting and analysis in 9 seconds! Combined with highly intelligent software and excellent microscopy optics structure, the counter could liberate researchers from the heavy work of daily cell counting.

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The automated cell counter can identify both live and dead cells. Information such as cell counts, viability and diameter can be obtained with just one click. 

Applications of automated cell counter

  • Tumor research: passage cell line, pre-detection of apoptosis
  • Immunological research: PBMCs, lymphocytes
  • Cell biology research: primary cells
  • Cell quality control: stem cells, CIK
  • Cell expression level detection: fluorescent protein, transfection efficiency detection

Smart cell recognition in C100 automated cell counter


Clustered cells can be identified and counted separately. In trypan blue mode, the counting result will show the proportion of live cells and dead cells.

The results of HEK293 cell line and mouse primary macrophage count showed:

C100 counter has a smaller standard deviation of multiple counts.

  • The actual measured value and the theoretical value have a slight deviation in a great linear relationship.
  • The CV value of manual counting can reach more than 10%, while the CV value of the C100 counting result is much lower than 5%.


Fast cell counting in 9 seconds

Compared to the hemocytometer, it can save you more than 24hrs within a month when counting 10 samples per day


It takes about 5 minutes to use a hemocytometer for manual cell counting, while C100 cell counter takes only 9 s. Counting ten samples per day can save more than 24 hours a month.